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Oct 24, 2014 at 6:20 AM
Jun 12, 2009
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August 7
student, waiter

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Smash Legend, Male, from England

Village internet. I shall never wish such a travesty unto my cityslicker smash-bretheren...ever Mar 29, 2013

G~P was last seen:
Oct 24, 2014 at 6:20 AM
    1. Durango
      I like your sig. #BadNewsBarrett
      1. G~P likes this.
    2. BlizzyWolf
      Pokes fun at the cheesemuffin on your head
    3. G~P
      Village internet. I shall never wish such a travesty unto my cityslicker smash-bretheren...ever
      1. BlizzyWolf likes this.
    4. G~P
      New forum design, New avatar. woo!
      1. BlizzyWolf likes this.
    5. KageMurphy
      Bring 'em anyway!
    6. KageMurphy
      I see you're going to APEX, do you play Yugioh? If so interested in swapping foreign cards?
    7. Phantom Gamer
      Phantom Gamer
      ...Suddenly I'm less interested
      Out of curiousity what were you expecting in the first place?
    8. Ussi
      ROFL, offering a deaf girl to listen to her song.
    9. Vinyl.
      Not even, you just made a joke with real life body part and video game character's weapon.
    10. Vinyl.
      Well, I wish it was part of it. There's not really much humor here rather than people being rude and.........something of that sort.
    11. Vinyl.
      What he does is this, Shows it to you for 3 seconds, and then hides it behind theledgecoffee table for the next 8 minutes, occasionally raising it above the table to fire a projectile at you :troll:
      Another quote in the ganon social where you also killed gheb.
    12. Vinyl.
      GP, why are you so funny?
    13. PMC66
      Hi may you tell me when theres any tournies coming up in UK I'm thinking of doing tournies i'd aprecitate it if you'd help me out thanks :)
    14. JCaesar
      Hey if you see this in the next hour or so and have some free time, hop on Skype please.
    15. pitskeyblade
      That's what I meant. You musta read wrong. Lol.
    16. pitskeyblade
      It'll work out, friend. Apex wasn't our first and last meeting. At least, I hope not.
    17. pitskeyblade
      Come to Whobo.
    18. pitskeyblade
      Soooo totally American. We need to have tea and biscuits sometime.
    19. pitskeyblade
      Took ya long enough to find me. Aren't we friends on FB, British Friend?
    20. Lash
    21. Lash
      haha it's fine :p

      and thanks. I feel we just had a very gentlemanly conversation....*grabs monocle, top hat, and cane*
    22. Lash
      okay, it may be bad, but that analogy killed me XD

      Thanks for being rational when the very mention of the word Christian was brought up :P
    23. Lash
      Clever indeed XD

      Ugh, that's what i can't stand about some Christians today. People believe a lot of different things, that's a fact of life. You can believe your belief, but you can't force people to stop believing what they believe. It's also pretty rude to go around shouting that beliefs other than yours are wrong. I mean, yes, it's totally fine to think and believe that people who do not believe in what you believe are wrong, but that doesn't mean you can force them to change their belief or even continually pester them about it after you've tried talking with them about religion in a respectful way. That kind of thing is their decision, people should stop trying to be "MY BELIEF OR DIE"

      Sorry for the rant, some people who are like that really give Christianity a bad name and it aggravates me to no end.
    24. Lash
      oh gosh, you shouldn't have mentioned the car accident. I may get unintentionally preachy here too XD

      The car accident was just it. It just made me think to actually practice what I preach and hear. It's been working out pretty well, making me a better person imo, making me happier, giving me great purpose in life, all that stuff. so yeah.
      hope this doesn't offend ya, but God Bless you, man! ^_^
    25. Lash
      lol well honestly, up until recently i really wasn't even trying to live out my faith, but about February I realized I really need to be living my life for the God i serve. I believe He created everything. And if God created everything, He calls the freakin' shots, hands down. And He's got plenty of commands He's given that i never do. So i just thought i better hop to it now, better late than never.

      I'm not meaning to be preachy, i just wasn't 100% sure what a "religious man" was in your book :rolleyes:
    26. Lash
      your usertitle fits you pretty well

    27. Lash
      haha i change my name all the time. I can never decide on a name :rolleyes:

      The concert was great! I got a t-shirt, necklace, CD, and a signed poster :D
    28. Lash
      I approve of the name change, my young psycho
    29. Xubble
      I'll be heading to that area Thursday afternoon hopefully. And I'll be leaving on the 8th.

      I'd be around longer, but I can't miss too many work days. :\
    30. Xubble
      Yo, GP. I'll be heading to Apex and stuffs. 99% guaranteed.

      You still got room? You said something like $15-20 a night, and I be cool with that. :cool:
    31. Cherished Doll
      Cherished Doll
      Lol u did!!!...

      Yea I am and heck yea LOTS!... I just dunno how to get pink hair... Hahaha wig maybe
    32. G~P
      gijinka is cosplaying as a human form version of an animal
      essentially youre gonna do a fluttershy gijinka in a sailor costume
      therefore i require lots of images
    33. Cherished Doll
      Cherished Doll
      Gijinka? whats that?....

      Im gonna do Sailor Futtershy
    34. Cherished Doll
      Cherished Doll
      As in ur fav! Lol

      Yea im prob gonna go with Flutter :)
    35. Cherished Doll
      Cherished Doll
      Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie?
    36. EPsilon933
    37. Cherished Doll
      Cherished Doll
      ........... :'(
    38. Cherished Doll
      Cherished Doll
      Happy birthdayyy
    39. Z'zgashi
      GP, you left out 3 characters in you MLP tier list, they're Nightmare Moon, Sheriff Silverstar, and Silver Spoon, could you add them in real quick? Thanks! ^__^
    40. Tiersie
      Yoo G~P. Dutchies are randomly spamming your social thread with shoutouts but I really only have one to give so here goes.

      Probably the chillest guy I've met at a smash tournament in a looong time. Made the deathpool that much more tolerable! Hope to see you at some more events man.

      I'll repost that in the UK social so people can see how cool you are =D
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    August 7
    student, waiter
    Melee Main:
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    Project M Main:
    Meta Knight
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    Fighting games, Ponies, Wrestling


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