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Aug 28, 2014 at 12:05 AM
Mar 16, 2008
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May 12, 1994 (Age: 20)
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon

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Smash Hero, Male, 20, from Captain Falcon

suck me 2 the gotdam moon Mar 22, 2013

ETWIST51294 was last seen:
Aug 28, 2014 at 12:05 AM
    1. DRM4R10
      Do you watch Detective Conan?
      1. ETWIST51294
        Nov 4, 2013
    2. ETWIST51294
      suck me 2 the gotdam moon
    3. Smooth Criminal
      Smooth Criminal
      what up, homie

      Welcome back
    4. Black Mantis
      Black Mantis
      Hit me up dude
    5. ChivalRuse
      Tight man. We have to play some time. Hit me up at College Park one of these weekends. My # is 443-847-3233.
    6. ChivalRuse
      In tourney I usually go ICs. But I play Falco, Sheik and Marth as well. AND ZELDA
    7. ChivalRuse
      You better be because I'm bigger and better at this game
    8. ChivalRuse
      I'm playing Melee again, bro
    9. Gates
      So basically by being a native English speaker, I am automatically **** at the game? Damn...
    10. Gates
      Yo Twist, what you know about KoFXIII?
    11. Gates
      I post in the Poke Center when I post at all. I wouldn't recommend going there though, most of them are idiots.
    12. Gates
      yeah you should *****
    13. Gates
      Hey ******.

      Whatchu know bout dat Guilty Gear?
    14. Roneblaster
      Is ur # still the same?
    15. Black Mantis
      Black Mantis
    16. Black Mantis
      Black Mantis
    17. Black Mantis
      Black Mantis
      Thought you might like the picture?
    18. Black Mantis
    19. Gates
      You know what would be an awesome game? Tecmo vs Capcom. That way you could make a team of Ryu (from SF), Ryu (from BoF), and Ryu (Hayabusa, from Ninja Gaiden).

      Yes, I did just post on your wall to tell you that terrible joke.
    20. S l o X
      S l o X
      Haha. Yea, Danny Brown is that ****. $Mike kind of put me on to him. I haven't listened to his other stuff though so I'm about to get on that.
    21. Gates
      k, I'm opinionated_jerk
    22. Gates
      Like what? You have Skype or something?
    23. Gates
      They just closed the pony thread, so you should know that I'll be on SWF even less now.
    24. Gates
      Well, no meter is fine.

      Also, Cross Assault is a ****ing farce, but this is the funniest ****ing thing I've ever seen.
      "I will not keep playing it. Not an effing chance...I might play it."
      EDIT: Better video.
    25. Gates
      Infinites aren't a fault.

      Or is there no damage or meter gain scaling on combos?
    26. Gates
      I was about to make a joke about how you probably would like a game about big sweaty muscle men but then I did some research and it actually looks pretty awesome.

      Character designer is the guy who made Fist of the North Star?

      I have got to play this ****ing game.
    27. Gates
    28. Gates
      Well the thing about Tekken is that it's a totally different game from SF. Tekken is more about poking, oki, and footsies because the 3D engine lends itself more to that. SF has more traditional zoning because it's easier to play a fireball/uppercut game in 2D than 3D. This kind of goes back to fundamental differences between the two that everyone was talking about 2 years ago when the game was first announced.

      Maybe if they re-instituted the parry system then Tekken characters would be more at home. I've heard some people say that SFxT already feels a bit like 3rd Strike but then I've also heard that it's most similar to 3S Chun dittos, which isn't really a step in the right direction.

      idk man Capcom has just ****ed up everything lately.
    29. Gates
      I think for Skullgirls I might just start off with solo Peacock to really learn her zoning patterns and how to player her well on point. Then I'll pick an assist, most likely an AA like Cerebella. If Peacock can use her triple gunshot assist then she'll be a very valuable assist character, but from what I gather so far you have to mash out the 2nd and 3rd hits, so you can't use the full 3 hits as an assist, which sucks.

      SFxT is like every other Capcom game since 2008 - the combos look cool but no AAs or zoning and Baby's First Ground Footsie Game weight it down. You know, in addition to gems and the Smash Bros Super Mode (I'm drunk right now so I can't remember the real name). It's a rental AT BEST, and it's only a buy then if you really, really love the fact that it's SF4 with more complex combos (which I guess you would...no offense or anything, I just know you like[d] SF4). If it didn't have Gems or Final Smashes then it would be a buy though.

      Oh, and how much do you wanna bet that the online is ***? Just sayin.
    30. Gates
      Yeah the AI is pretty bad in the second one too, but at least some of the early survivors have guns, which helps. In general though, I'm not going to try to save everyone.

      Double is awesome because she turns into a refrigerator. And an Easter Island statue. And she has Ouroboros.
    31. Gates
    32. Gates
      I've actually been playing Dead Rising 2 also. A friend got it for me as a late birthday gift.

      It's ok.
    33. Gates
      Honestly, I haven't been playing FGs either. My copy of BBC SEX is still in the mail and when Mass Effect 3 comes out I know I'm just going to be playing that. I've been playing Dark Souls until then.
    34. Gates
      These guys were obviously picked on physical appearance alone. Except NerdJosh, I have no idea how he got on there.

      But seriously, not having Justin, Latif, Ricky, Wolfkrone, PR Rog, or any other really really good players in this just makes it an even bigger farce than it already was.

      On the plus side there's rumors that the new arcade port of GGXXAC+ will be ported to [real] consoles, so that's nice.
    35. s2j
      theres usually a fatal flaw among foxes and usually its their n-air pressure

      usually though you just want to reset and gtfo by wavedash out of shield --> dash away or roll away
    36. s2j
      and not terrible for falcon's 'worst' matchup
    37. s2j
      its falcons worst matchup but im pretty good at it IMO
    38. s2j
    39. Gates
      Nah, I only have a stick for PS3 and I don't want to go back to playing on pad for AC on PS2. I WANT to play GG though.
    40. Gates
      Hey Twist, who do you play in GG anyway?
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    May 12, 1994 (Age: 20)
    Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon
    Brawl FC:
    Captain Falcon

    Captain Falcon


    Eric Wilson
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